About Caimen

Caimen’s academic career includes attending both Alief and Houston I.S.D., homeschooling and the International Leadership of Texas Charter School.  Caimen received an ‘Advanced Reading Achievement Award’ from Ray Daily Elementary.  He participates in the Houston Parks and Recreation After School Enrichment and Summer Enrichment program, and is recognized for his works by Innovative Segue partner organizations Parents Against Predators and AMAKU House.  Caimen is working to create safe spaces for kids to network, provide positive motivation and collaborate on sustainable community projects by future social engineers.  He looks to continue providing community service as needed via varying events throughout the Houston Metroplex in support of community awareness and outreach. Through his works at Innovative Segue, Caimen’s mission to help with the vision of revitalizing the communities. 












Literacy And Arts In Action: Bookmarks & Drawings with Caimen Ray

One day, Caimen decided he wanted to draw.  He was apprehensive, but with encouragement from his family he developed a commitment to practice drawing everyday and over time his drawing and confidence in himself has improved .  He was also apprehensive about reading.  Over time he conquered his fear of learning something new and is now an advanced 5th grade reader.  Caimen believes knowledge-sharing is key to building group innovation and helping young people dream big while respecting each other.

Caimen’s Kids Video Club

Caimen’s Kids Video Club is a program designed for kids in pre-k through 5th grade. It is a platform for kids to create, share and discuss videos that they find interest in and/or have created themselves. In Caimen’s Kids Video Club your kids can enjoy a safe, healthy and well-supervised environment where kids can network, relationship build, work collectively and enjoy a fun-filled group for enhancing social skills and developing character.

Alief’s Got Talent

Annual ‘Alief’s Got Talent’ event hosted by Alief Community Center. A citywide event for children ages 13 – 18 yrs. We look for anyone involved in dance, rap, spoken word, comedy, singing & more!! It’s also an opportunity to recognize community heroes!!

The Walter and Caimen Show

The Walter and Caimen Show is a kids and teens segment as apart of “On Deck!!”- an online radio show which aired each Monday from 12pm – 4pm with Miss Nita, Big Jimmy and Douggie on Texas101jams. “On Deck!!” featured all of the latest in music, entertainment news, sports, politics, B2B, health, community and more. The Walter and Caimen Show serves as a platform for kids in pre-k through 5th grade and teens to welcome open discussion for topics that pertain to kids and the younger generation like kids interests, trending topics, social, family and life issues, education, sports, fashion, music, entertainment news, politics, B2B, health, community, etc.

Want to tune in!! Have a topic that you would like to present to the show!! Hit up The Walter and Caimen Show via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check them out!!!!! Constantly on the move?? No problem- you can take The Walter and Caimen Show with you- download the TuneIn Radio app, search for Texas101jams, listen for the “On Deck!!” show and wait for The Walter and Caimen Show segment at the top of the hour.

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