The Counseling initiative offers a comfortable environment where individuals are welcomed to openly express matters. Whether a one-on-one or small group session- Innovative Segue facilitates an atmosphere for receiving assistance, knowledge-sharing and finding support.

Innovative Segue being involved in a number of events focusing on giving back and providing outreach within low-income and disadvantaged communities- the most recognizable fact was a vast majority of communities are in dire need of financial and mental support. Proportionately, a large number of communities ultimately need some form of counseling.

Despite the circumstances, before the psychology of traumatic effects taking its toll on communities can be reversed- there MUST be a resolution for the issues that are ailing it.


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Our Counseling initiative is geared towards youth and adults that are in need of a comfortable environment that welcomes open expression and individuals can receive the necessary support. Sessions are each Saturday morning. Times vary based on services or activities. This is a FREE initiative for qualifying individuals- costs associated will be disclosed. The areas of counseling that we offer are as follows:


Lifestyle Counseling


College Prep







Conflict Resolution

Pastoral / Biblical



Conflict Resolution

Group Therapy


Social: The Series


Say It With Your Chest

Operation Outreach


One-on-one or small group sessions where individuals are welcomed to receive assistance, knowledge-share and find support.

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