Caimen’s Kids Video Club is a program designed for kids in pre-k through 5th grade. It is a platform for kids to create, share and discuss videos that they find interest in and/or have created themselves. In Caimen’s Kids Video Club your kids can enjoy a safe, healthy and well-supervised environment where kids can network, relationship build, work collectively and enjoy a fun-filled group for enhancing social skills and developing character.

The video club provides opportunities for the child to be involved in self-directed activities- via online, group chat, or scheduled in-person events and field trips at the park, gymnasium, etc. Some of the activities may include arts and crafts projects, independent reading and writing, video and computer time, etc. Many of the video club activities are planned by the children with guidance from the program staff. In this way, the program is less like school and more like a home atmosphere.

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Caimen’s Kids Video Club and all of its entirety is managed by organization staff members whom work with the kids and manage the day-to-day operations of the video club. Adult assistance is welcomed to work and be involved with the kids. Student assistants and volunteers may also be used according to specific club needs. ALL content is viewed in advance for approval before being shared and released into the club. This is a FREE Club for qualifying kids- any associated costs are based on varying events and will be disclosed. For more information on getting involved or to become a Caimen’s Kids Video Club volunteer- please, contact us at Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel.





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