Engineering the Athletic Legacy Of Walter Frederick

“Good afternoon America! I am your host LeBron James for the 70th NBA finals. We are here in Amway Center located in Orlando. It has been an intense night here in Orlando. Both teams are tied 105 to 105. It is 10 seconds left on the clock as the Warriors take the ball down court and score!!! There’s five seconds left on the clock it’s Magic ball. The center passes the ball to Walter for the three. He shoots…. It’s in!!!” As I celebrate with a future team that is only a dream, I know that it’s only the beginning of a great legacy.

I am giving kids inspiration to be global athletic ambassadors. I bring an awareness to every kid that you don’t have to be popular to be a great athlete or student. You don’t have to be a cool kid. You don’t have to be a certain height or weight. You just have to explore sports and find your passion.

Sports can play a huge role in kids lives by teaching them skills they can apply to their participation in class and their future. Sports can help increase kids success in STEAM activities and motivate athletes to stay eligible if they participate in school sports. I want to my legacy to be a beacon of hope for kids who struggle day to day. I want future youth to see me as proof of so called, “Making it out the hood.”- but also making it without having to change who I am. You can still get good grades, rise up to greatness in sports and education doing it your way!

My name is Walter Frederick and my legacy is YOU!