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About Lynita

In 1986, Lynita was accepted into the LBJ Science Academy- Austin, Texas, in its inaugural year.  Two years afterwards, Lynita enrolled at Sidney Lanier High School, where she joined her brother to graduate hand in hand in the spring of 1990.  Moving to Houston that fall,  Lynita eventually completed her college education in 2000, earning a B.B.A. in Computer Information Systems from the Davies College of Business at University of Houston-Downtown.  Sixteen years later she would earn an Executive M.B.A. from Jesse H. Jones College of Business at Texas Southern University.  Since then, Lynita has worked various positions in several industries with exposure to project strategy, planning and implementation.  In 2011, Lynita partnered with Jimmy Johnson to launch Innovative Segue. Lynita has been recognized by organizations such as the Harris County Precinct One Constable Alan Rosen’s Office, The State of Texas House of Representatives State Rep. Sylvester Turner’s office and more.  Lynita looks to continue being a community advocate speaking and engaging community members and fellow advocates through varying events throughout the Central Texas region.  Along with national support from advocates who are key components in the Global Collaborative Initiative (GCI), she will build bridges meeting the mission of Innovative Segue Community Outreach Standards (ISCOS).  Through Lynita’s work at Innovative Segue, she looks to help with the vision of revitalizing the communities.

Miss Nita’s Book Club

Miss Nita’s book club where young ladies and women get together for weekly gatherings to share, discuss and network their interest regarding the latest in great books.

Bring Your Own Device

A family social media training initiative designed to help promote social media awareness, cyber predator awareness, tools for learning, and social support for a new era of social parenting.

Business Tutoring Network

A network designed to provide relevant, real world, and hands-on expertise through practical management, marketing and technology solutions for new, micro, small and growing businesses. The objective is the creation of a pool of resources via various business owners and to have available the assistance needed for start up, customer retention, sustainability, and scaling of your business.

Content Creators United (CCU)

C.C.U. is a program designed to create, build and share in the creation of videos across various social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. It is an environment where individuals can network, relationship build, work collectively and enjoy an educational group encompassing knowledge-sharing and developing content creation skills. The program provides opportunities to get involved in self-directed activities- via online or group chat. Some of the activities may include projects, independent reading and writing, video and computer time, etc.

Alief’s Got Talent

Annual ‘Alief’s Got Talent’ event hosted by Alief Community Center. A citywide event for children ages 13 – 18 yrs. We look for anyone involved in dance, rap, spoken word, comedy, singing & more!! It’s also an opportunity to recognize community heroes!!

Master Cleanse A.K.A. Lemonade Diet

Master Cleanse A.K.A. Lemonade Diet is a support group for those seeking healthy alternatives to natural weight loss. Your purchase of M.C. Lemonade Diet products fund additional tools of support to those who can not afford personal trainers, costly diet programs, or personal chefs. Better health should be a free alternative for everyone. Thank you for continued your support!!

Bible Study

A bible study group with the purpose of encouraging you in your daily walk with the Lord.



“On Deck!!”

J Promotions online radio show “On Deck!!”- which aired each Monday from 12pm – 4pm w/ Miss Nita, Big Jimmy and Douggie on Texas101jams. Tune in for all of the latest in music, entertainment news, sports, politics, B2B, health, community and more. “On Deck!!” for your mid-day fill!! Have a topic that you would like to present to the show- simply call in and voice your opinion or hit us up via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Check us out!! Constantly on the move?? No problem- you can take the “On Deck!!” online radio show with you- download the TuneIn Radio app, search for Texas101jams and listen for the “On Deck!!” online radio show.

Priddi Gurl Swag

Created by girls and women for girls and women!! What’s Your PriddiGurlSwag??

Juneteenth Magazine

Make your purchases here for J Promos ClothingLynita’s personal clothing line- show your support, today!! Thanks!!