Community Liaison


About Toni

Toni went to high school at LBJ- Austin, Texas.  Moving to Houston and completing her college education in 2016, earning a B.A. in Business from Houston Community College- West Loop Campus.   Since then, Toni has worked various positions in several industries with exposure to administrative duties, executive assistant, project management and implementation.  In 2017, Toni joined Jimmy Johnson and Lynita Robinson to help in the community outreach of Innovative Segue.  Toni looks to continue being a community advocate speaking and engaging community members and fellow advocates through varying events throughout the Central Texas region.  Along with national support from advocates who are key components in the Global Collaborative Initiative (GCI), she will build bridges meeting the mission of Innovative Segue Community Outreach Standards (ISCOS).  Through Toni’s work at Innovative Segue, she looks to help with the vision of revitalizing the communities.


Bring Your Own Device

A family social media training initiative designed to help promote social media awareness, cyber predator awareness, tools for learning, and social support for a new era of social parenting.


Content Creators United (CCU)

C.C.U. is a program designed to create, build and share in the creation of videos across various social platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and others. It is an environment where individuals can network, relationship build, work collectively and enjoy an educational group encompassing knowledge-sharing and developing content creation skills. The program provides opportunities to get involved in self-directed activities- via online or group chat. Some of the activities may include projects, independent reading and writing, video and computer time, etc.


Social: The Series

Social events for people who share common problems to get together and support one another.


Priddi Gurl Swag

Created by girls and women for girls and women!! What’s Your PriddiGurlSwag??


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